Hearty turkey chili

Happy weekend all! I have yet another busy weekend full of birthday celebrations. We will be celebrating my youngest son Hudson’s 2nd birthday and my middle son Ashton’s 5th birthday on Sunday afternoon. We decided to combine their parties again this year because their birthdays are only two weeks apart and really who wants to have two parties that close together? It’s going to be a Ninjago themed party (for those of you without small boys in your life, that is a Lego ninja show). I tend to go a little overboard on decorating and themes when it comes to parties with my kids. It’s something I really enjoy and the boys love it. I have been prepping all week to get ahead of the weekend craziness. I’ve already made the piñata, filled the goodie bags and done all the shopping. Today I will be working on the cake. I do still have a few details to plan out but I’m really excited for the party. Stay tuned and I will post pictures on Monday from the party.

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Long awaited Spaghetti squash lasagna Recipe

Hey all! Another week has flown by in the Sommerfield residence as summer is quickly winding down. I’ve had a bit of a crazy week and I’m barely staying afloat. Chad has been working lots and the kids are at each other’s throats. I’m sure your house has been the same at times. I think my kids like each other but when they have to spend 24/7 together things can get a bit nutty. I am soooo ready for school to start. Tell me I’m not alone on this one.
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A day in the life

Today I thought I would give a glimpse into my life and show what a typical day around here looks like. We are in full swing summer mode and intend to stay that way for a couple more weeks before Chase and Ashton both head to school. I will post again in the fall to show the difference but for now, here’s what Monday looked like:

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What the heck is your pelvic floor?

Okay ladies, today we are going to talk about something that is so damn important but is often missed in conversation. Your pelvic floor! What the heck is your pelvic floor?  I’m sure at some point you have heard that it is normal for some new moms to have urinary incontinence issues after giving birth. Luckily there are exercises you can do to help improve this issue. This post might have a little bit of TMI for some of you but I’m hoping it sheds light on an important topic.


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Run to the Beat

My 6 year old son, Chase, is as wild as they come. Since he was born he hasn’t stopped moving. He loves to climb, jump and run everywhere he goes. I mean this kid has an abundance of energy, which I guess he probably inherited from his mama. My parents tell me I was the same way, so I guess I’m lucky in the sense that I can keep up with all of the energy. Continue reading “Run to the Beat”