Fargo Full Marathon Recap

I can honestly say that the pain I felt during the last few miles of the Fargo Marathon could easily be compared to that of child birth; just how I was able to finish without pain medication is beyond me. It literally took every ounce of my being to get to that finish line. I wanted so badly to stop but I never wavered, I stuck it out and accomplished something I had only every dreamt about.


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Full Marathon Training


Back in December, I decided to take the plunge and register for my first full marathon. I had always said I would never run a full, I can’t say for sure what had changed but somehow the timing seemed right.  I dove in head first without fear or hesitation. I also hired a running coach to help guide me through the uncharted territories I was entering.

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Easy Grilled Vegetables


It’s the weekend!! What’s even better about this weekend is we have no kids. Chase and Ashton are off to Falcon Lake with Chad’s parents and my parents are taking Hudson out to Great Woods campground. They are spending some quality time with their grandparents while Chad and I get a nice little break. It’s also our 9 year wedding anniversary next week so we will celebrate Saturday and have a date night, perhaps dinner and drinks.

Seeing how we don’t have any kids I decided last minute to sign up for a fitness theory course. I’m pretty pumped but extremely nervous. I’m thrilled to be learning and growing in the health and fitness industry so I can start helping women become better versions of themselves. Unfortunately I’m not what the world would call the “best student’. I’m the talkative one that they refer to as “chatty Cathy”. My grade 12 math teacher told me once that “I should get a job where I could talk all day”. Good thing my kids don’t tell me to stop talking. ;P It wasn’t very nice but I guess it was accurate. I wouldn’t get very far sitting alone at a desk all day having no one to talk to. I would go a bit nutty. That’s why I love chatting with all of you.

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Weekend getaway

Hey all! I’m a little late on posting this week as I’ve had a hard time getting back into the swing of things. This past weekend Chad and I went to our friends cabin up on Shoal lake, Ontario. It was great to spend some time with my friends. We went with two other couples that I have know since high school. My parents and Chad’s parents took turns watching the boys so we could enjoy a kid free weekend. I’ve been away from the boys for an extended period but this is the first time in a while for Chad. He has been working a lot lately and it was the perfect opportunity for us to reconnect.


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How to make protein pancakes

Have you ever wondered how to make protein pancakes? Pancakes are a staple in our house on the weekends. The kids love them and so do I. But in all honesty I don’t like having the prepackaged pancakes you can buy at the store. It always leaves me feeling sluggish and a tad guilty. So I set out to find a healthier version that I could make in a flash with ingredients I have on hand. It took me a while to perfect the pancakes but I think I finally nailed it.


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