About me

DSCN1791Hey ho, I’m Kelly! I’m in my 30s and a seven time half marathoner. Some of my favorite things in life are running, talking, playing with my boys and having fun in everything I do. My goal is to inspire and be inspired.  I’m also a stay at home mom to 3 busy, fun, adventurous boys. I was lucky enough to find my true love young in life and have been married since July 2006.


This blog is all about my life which means if you stick around you’ll read about things like:

Chad (my other half), my kids (Chase, Ashton and Hudson), running, fitness and managing a healthy active lifestyle in our crazy busy world.


I am someone that has found balance and happiness in my life. After being active for most of my 20’s I finally found a real passion for running.  Maybe it was having kids or getting older but I needed something to clear my head. I decided to train for my first half marathon (June 2012) and it lit a fire in me I never saw coming. I found a community of women where I can talk, laugh, vent and get a break from life. Running for me is freedom!

first half marathon (2012)
first half marathon (2012)

My hope is to inspire and motivate other women to become more active. I have never been so happy and motivated to help others. I wanted to create this blog where I can share my ideas, tips and love of running with you. I hope you enjoy!



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