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Some of my favorite things in life are running, spinning, talking, playing with my boys and having fun in everything I do. My goal is to inspire and be inspired.  I’m also a busy mom to 3 busy, fun, adventurous boys. I was lucky enough to find my true love young in life and have been married since July 2006.

The journey to start Chocolate & Sanity began just over 3 years ago with an idea, a vision that I thought was missing from the community of mamas in Winnipeg. A safe, family friendly place to workout with your kids. 

I had 3 kids in 4 years, giving me 2 options to workout- the gym where I put them in the daycare or home workouts (and if you’ve ever tried to do a home workout with 3 kids under 4, it’s almost impossible) because a mom with 3 kids wasn’t welcome at any fitness classes that I knew of. And why the hell not!!

DSC_2659 (1)
We are busy moms and the last thing we want to do is line up a sitter so we can get our workouts in. It just doesn’t happen. Hence Chocolate & Sanity was born. Moms can bring their kids, 1, 2, 4! Whatever you’ve got. They can run, they can play, they can watch their moms get stronger and move their bodies with joy and excitement. I wanted to created a space that moms felt welcomed and kids could see how much fun working out could be.

So 2 and half years ago I launched C&S. and to be honest I had NO idea what I was doing when it came to running a business. I knew I wanted to help moms and make a difference. But how could I get these moms to my classes? How could they find out about me? It was a tough first year getting my name out there, lots of trial and error. I failed more times then I succeeded. And I almost called it quits many times. But I truly believed in my vision and knew it could become something incredible so I pushed through.
I’m still learning and growing with each day. Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. It takes a lot of hard work, persistence and passion. I’m so excited for the future, for more growth, more challenges. More ups and downs. I want to inspire and help women become the best version of the selves. This is the why and this is what drives the passion.

I hope to see you at the class! 

Kelly xoxo

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