Chocolate & Sanity Fitness

Kelly Sommerfield is a certified fitness leader with a goal of helping busy moms become happy, healthy & balanced. As a mom of 3 she saw firsthand the challenges faced by parents trying to live healthy active lifestyles. Inspired to find an easier way for moms to get active she created Chocolate and Sanity which is a community of moms that workout with their children in tow. It’s a family-friendly fitness program that gets you and your kids moving and helps you keep your sanity along the way. Through moderation and balance, she believes that even busy parents can live a healthy lifestyle….which includes chocolate of course! All fitness levels are encouraged; modifications can be made to help achieve your fitness goals!



24 class pass (Unlimited) – $200

16 class pass (2x a week) – $160

8 class pass (1x a week) – $100

Track Stars (1x a week) – $100

First Class is Free! 

Regular prices:
4 class pass- $48
6 class pass- $72
8 class pass- $96
12 class pass- $144
Drop in- $15


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**Fall schedule begins September 5th with morning class at Norwood Community Centre and evening classes at Polson Elementary school

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24 class pass (Unlimited) – $200

16 class pass (2x a week) – $160

8 class pass (1x a week) – $100

8 class pass (1x a week) – $100

First Class is Free! 


Class descriptions (All fitness levels welcomed)


Mom’s the Word Bootcamp: 

This class will be focusing on cardio and strength training.  With that think extra endurance, muscle gain and ultimately feeling like the totally awesome strong woman you are!!

The class is for every fitness level.  It was created to build strong mamas – build women up, which means it is a NON INTIMIDATING WORKOUT ATMOSPHERE! Whether you are a fitness pro or have never worked out a day in your life. You will walk away feeling like a rockstar inside and out! Modifications will be offered all along the way and every woman is encouraged to work hard but listen to their own body! Take this time just for you, to achieve your goals, to start feeling stronger and loving yourself.



Track Stars: 

You love to run, but if you only run all the time, you can set yourself up for injury and burnout. Come and switch things up!
Whether you are just getting started with running or you’re a long distance runner, this class is for you. You will move your body in different ways to help improve your all around strength.

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What other mama’s are saying:

22812667_10159431393205640_2041087092_oWhen I first started coming to Kelly’s classes, I was coming because I wanted my “pre-baby” body back. My motivation was purely superficial. The more I came, the stronger I got and my body started to change. But, more importantly, so did my “why”. Kelly helped me to focus on my strength, my attitude and how being active made me feel. She helped me realize that being physically active is a privilege. By giving myself and other moms the chance to explore these things with kids in tow, she is allowing us to share these valuable lessons with our littles. Her positivity makes the workouts fly by. Plus, I never thought I could do burpees with a smile on my face! -Kristen