Dear Mamas,

Please don’t apologize. You tell me you’re “sorry” because something came up, and now you have to miss your training session/ arrive late/ bring your kid. Stop it.

First of all, I know it’s not your fault. I know you didn’t tell your kid to forget his homework so you could drive back home, rush back to his school and deliver it to him. I know you didn’t commission the baby to puke on you so you’d have to change both his and your clothes at the last minute. I know you didn’t plan for any of this.

Secondly, if anyone deserves an apology, it’s you. You’re the one who now has to sacrifice your tiny window of self care. You’re the one trying to realign her schedule for the day and realizing that she now will likely end up eating stale Cheerios in the car for lunch. You’re the one who got dumped on by life.

In class I hear a lot of different apologies for being late for class or unable to attend.

“I’m sorry I’m late and now will only have time for a 30 minute-workout despite paying for an hour.”

“I’m sorry my kids didn’t make it to preschool by 9am– it was all my fault for telling them not to put their shoes on.”

“I’m sorry I look so tired today– I was up all night partying with a sick kid.”

“I’m sorry my toddler just dropped his plate on the floor and now I get to buy another meal for him.”

Why can’t we mamas just say how we really feel?

I’m upset that I’m missing my one planned hour of me-time.

I’m frustrated that I had to bail my kid out again.

I’m disappointed that I can’t work out.

I’m tired.

Mom life is messy. It’s hard. Sometimes it’s unfair. I’ve been there. Heck, I am there. Please don’t apologize, at least not to me.

With all the love,


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