Full Marathon Training


Back in December, I decided to take the plunge and register for my first full marathon. I had always said I would never run a full, I can’t say for sure what had changed but somehow the timing seemed right.  I dove in head first without fear or hesitation. I also hired a running coach to help guide me through the uncharted territories I was entering.

Over the past 18 weeks, I have learned a lot about myself. To be honest before going into this training cycle I hadn’t run further than 8 miles alone. I absolutely love running with people and chatting, it’s one of the top reasons I run. It’s my therapy to get out for a run and talk with other people that aren’t my children and have an adult conversation. Because of that, I believed deep down that I wasn’t capable of running long distance alone. I believed it was the people that I was running with that got me through the runs and I never fully took credit for most of it. Crazy, I truly believed that without their help there would be no way I could run.

What a difference 4 months can make!


I have conquered things I never believed possible and surpassed my comfort zone almost daily. Just last week I ran 10 tempo (faster than race pace) miles alone on the treadmill at the gym. Guess what, it felt easy and I really enjoyed myself just being in my own head for a while. It’s one of the best feelings in the world to see yourself grow and evolve.


I’m so beyond excited to get to the start line and achieve what only 1% of the population ever do. Training and running a full marathon is no joke. There’s a reason not many people attempt it. It’s been tough! I have lost all sense of balance in my life when it comes to working out. I love to run, I really do but committing to a full marathon takes more miles than I’m prepared to train for again (at least for a while). I love to lift weights and go to bootcamp and take a cycle class but with full marathon training there isn’t time for much more than running.

the fearless four

I am grateful for my run squad that has helped me through a lot of those miles. I ran more miles alone than I’m used to but I also ran a whole heck of a lot with some bad ass mother runners. The amazing thing about having a run squad is when one of us would be struggling during a run the rest would help encouraging and motivate them to the end. Having women in my life like this means more to me than any words can express. I love you ladies like crazy!!

So to recap….

How is marathon training going? Amazingly

Is it time consuming? Yes

Is it tough? Yes

 Will you do it again? Hell No!

Are you having the time of your life? Hell Yes

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