WFPS Half Marathon Recap

As I started out Sunday morning I was still a bit dizzy and not 100% myself (read more about that ). I figured I would run anyways, what the hell; I’ve trained to hard to give up now. The worse that happens is I don’t finish. The weather was perfect and the excitement was in the air. Everywhere you looked people where smiling and giddy to get started.



I set out with 2 friends and we really didn’t have a plan. The first 5 km flew by, chatting and enjoying the sunrise. We clipped along at a really good pace and I felt great. By mile 7 I thought I had it in the bag. We were on course for a great finish. Then something happened around mile 10. The wind picked up, my body shut down and I was ready to quit. I felt like I couldn’t talk for fear I might puke. I had to slow down a bit and it took everything in me not to stop to walk but trust me I wanted to. The last 5 km was the hardest I’ve ever ran and it seemed to take forever.  I listened as my friend cheered me on. I thought about all the people around me running. The energy around me was so strong and encouraging. I thought about seeing my boys at the finish line. I thought about ringing that PR bell and I just kept pushing along. The last 400 meter was intense. I crossed the finish line alone ready to puke. One of my friends had fallen behind at mile 6 and my other friend had gone ahead the last mile when I just couldn’t keep up anymore. I barely remember crossing the finish line. What I do remember is seeing my friend Ainsley (link) smiling at me as I crossed and it gave me so much joy to see a familiar face in my misery. I finished with a 1:55:20! A PR by over a minute and 5 minutes faster than last year’s time.


I was happy to see my family and give my boys huge hugs. Having them at the finish line is so special to me. Ringing the PR bell was the highlight 🙂

The best thing about the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service Half Marathon | 10km | 5km is the community around it. It feels like a big hug. It is by far the best race in the city. It has grown from 500 runners the first year to 3000 runners in just 4 years. I think I know why, the people that put on this event are outstanding. The race director, Jonathan Torchia, has a huge heart and a big presence in the community making everyone feel welcomed. The energy around the race is contagious and the added PR bell this year was a great addition to an already fantastic event. All money raised supports the heart and stroke foundation. Here’s a link if you would like to donate.


I know I will run this race from now until eternity! It has such a great vibe that everyone should be a part of. If you’re in Winnipeg make sure to put this on your race calendar for next year. I promise you don’t want to miss it.

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