Race day ready?

Howdy Folks! It’s been a rough few days for me since I’ve been fight off a flu bug. I thought I was better on Monday but it hit me again yesterday. With race day just around the corner I’m a bit nervous I won’t recover in time. I’m just going take it one day at a time and really, I still have 4 days :/

The real question is AM I READY?! The answer in short is I think so. The long answer is it depends on how I treat the race. I’m fully capable of running 13.1 miles with ease. The hard part is what pace and goal I set for myself, which is still to be determined.

With my injury this past summer (link) I really didn’t think running was going to be in the cards for me but with some physio and lots of foam rolling and stretching I was able to train relatively pain free for this training cycle. This meant I started working towards a faster pace. With every tempo run I tried to push my limit. I have come a long way since last year’s WFSP race.


Last year my finishing time was 2:00:30. I was so bummed not to get under 2:00 but I learnt a lot at that race.

Lesson 1 – make sure to get a good night’s sleep. Hudson was all night the night before race day so in total I think I managed 4 hours of sleep.  Not good when you need to have energy to run a half marathon.

Lesson 2 – Don’t sprint at mile 7 backwards to the say hi to your family. Ok, you can but are prepared to never recover and crash hard at mile 11 because of it. Don’t get me wrong I would probably make this mistake again because I love my family and appreciate that they were there.

Lesson 3 – Don’t beat yourself up when you don’t get the time you want. Enjoy the fact that you ran a half marathon and gave it all you had. It was still a 4 minute PR for crying out loud!

This year my training cycle has gone according to plan basically without fail. I missed only one run and kept to my training pretty consistently. But in the last week I have been hit with a few obstacles. First, last week my vertigo flared up and hit me off my feet for a full day. Luckily my good friend’s husband is a great physiotherapist that does a technique to get rid of it quickly. After only one treatment I was back up and running the very next day. Secondly, this darn flu!  Which I’m hoping is almost over….

For the next few days my biggest focus will be on my nutrition and making sure to stay hydrated. I’m going to run 1 easy 5 km shakeout run either tomorrow or Friday, nothing to crazy, just to keep myself moving. I’m hoping come race day all this illness is out of my system and I’m able to run a great race!

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