Why Running is a Top Priority in My Life as a Mom 

Hey all! I had quite the weekend learning and grooving at my course. I have a lot of exciting stuff brewing and I’m feeling really passionate about the future. Be sure to stick around, I don’t want you to miss anything.

Today on the blog, I have a good friend, Carey talking about her online running groups. She and I met a few years ago at one of her running groups and have been friends ever since. She has since moved to Costa Rica and is pursuing her passion in health and fitness. I couldn’t be more proud of her and what to take this opportunity to share her story.

12083883_10153545110526047_181941969_nBeing a parent is a demanding job.There is always someone needing something from you. There is always a load of laundry that needs to be folded, a bathroom that needs to be cleaned, a meal that needs to be prepped, a kid that needs to get to soccer, the list goes on and on. Am I doing enough for my kids? Are they going to turn out OK? Do they need more from me? What the hell am I doing and can I please go back to being 20? Just for a day, please?

Then there is the guilt and urgency that hangs over me as a mom that my kids have to come first all the time. Their needs and wants trump everything else, my relationship with my husband, my friendships, my career and my own health. Someone always needs something from me and I have to do it all, perfectly. There is no time for me between the demands of my career, my relationship, our house and the kids. I am tired and I have no energy for anything else.

I was living like this only for a brief time only to realize that this lifestyle was not for me.

A Healthy Mommy is a Happy Mommy. 

I did not make any drastic changes to start.  My kids still come at the top of my priority list, but for small periods of time, on most days of the week, I prioritize me and my health above all else.  I have prioritized my own running as being worth it.  I must get out 4 – 5 times per week just for me. I have made this a priority in my life because for the small time investment, I get such huge value in return. I have decided it cannot be missed because when it get missed everything else is bad. I am short tempered. I am irritable. I feel unhappy and a bit claustrophobic.

 So I run.  

12067239_10153545109651047_316535487_nIt provides a small space in the day just for me. No one calling MOMMY after me. No one watching me pee. No one crawling all over me every time I bend down to pick something up. Once I get moving I instantly feel a sense of calm come over me and I can ground myself from whatever craziness I may have left behind. When I return I can handle pretty much anything with ease. I am more present with my kids. I am more productive at work and at home. I prefer my parenting style much better. I can appreciate the here and now of my life so much better. I feel strong, confident and FIT and that is an amazing way to get through the rest of my day.

Fitting it in is not always easy. I prioritize running over sleep, over lunches with co workers, over coffee breaks and over weekend sleep-ins. Finding the time is hard, maybe the hardest thing.  I know finding the time is the biggest challenge for all the other moms out there in my groups, who I coach and who I talk to. I also know when your exercise gets pushed back, it will keep getting pushed back and it will likely get pushed back to the point that is non-existent. You end up starting and stopping over and over.

I know if you can make some very small changes and mindset adjustments you can start to find ways to fit it in. When you can prioritize your health and happiness, you may be surprised how much happier and productive your days are and how fulfilling your life can become.  I know that by prioritizing ME sometimes, WE are all better.

12086942_10153545104561047_1905496439_n (1)

So I have created RunningMoms.com, an online community of moms who run, or want to. I lead 100% online training programs to set you up for success to learn to run, run further or run faster. I connect you with other moms who totally understand your challenges and the power running has on their own daily lives to keep you motivated and inspired. I help you learn why you need this and how you are going to prioritize yourself. I invite you to become a member of RunningMoms.com. It is a free group with access to moms from everywhere who support each other. Ask your questions, post your pictures and learn about upcoming programs and discounts on future programs. You can sign up here. If any of this resonates with you, I welcome you to check out my upcoming Learn to Run 5k, or Run 5k Faster program that starts October 12th. It is 100% online so you can be from anywhere. I will give you the program, the plan and the support network. We will work through your challenges and come up with the motivation and strategies for your success. If you are tired of being tired and your ready to get your health and fitness back on track, please check it out here. Bonus, invite a friend and take the journey together to becoming RunningMoms!

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