Pumpkin, pumpkin and more pumpkin!

Happy Friday folks! I have been so busy this week working on some really exciting stuff that I will fill you in on shortly. So for this weeks foodie Friday I’m going to highlight some great healthy pumpkin treats that are great for fall.

First, who doesn’t love scones? How about you try these chocolate pumpkin scone? My friend over at Eat 2 Save Your Life has created a tasty recipe perfect for fall. Here’s the link to her  Chocolate Pumpkin Scones.

Want to add some protein with your treats? Look no further than these delicious bites that are guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth. Click over to Rachael Novello Fitness to try her Protein Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bites.

Maybe you’re looking for something a little different and want to try something new. How about Carleeh’s pumpkin spiced smoothie bowl that she posted on her Instagram account Mamarazza. She was definitely thinking outside the box with this one. You won’t be disappointed, I promise.

Okay this one is for all you Pumpkin spice latte lovers. I know you’re out there. Here’s is a great alternative to make at home with a lot less guilt. Try Simple Medicine’s PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE.

Lastly I don’t want to forget the dog lovers out there. Di from Workout with Di has some Dog Pumpkin & Peanut cookies that your little pouch with gobble up.

Have a great weekend peeps!


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