Prairie Love Festival Day 1 Recap

I’ve sat down at the computer numerous times in the last couple of days to put into words my experience at the Prairie Love Festival but honestly there are no words. I left the festival on Sunday evening feeling beyond inspired. Inspired to be better, better at being a mom, better at being myself, better at chasing my real goals. It’s hard to pinpoint the moment that made me feel different, it was a combination of little things that came together to make magic.


Saturday morning I arrived bright and early around 7:45 am to register and find my friend Lisa who I was doing my first class with. We met at the front doors and found our first class together which was at the venue called Lotus Lookout on the lake. As we arrived the sun was rising above the lake, making for the perfect backdrop for our Wild At Heart yoga class. At the beginning of the class we were asked to write down two emotions you don’t need in your life anymore and two things you need more of, then crumple the paper and let it go. The instructor wanted us to put a tangible emotion for our weekend and to be more present with our yoga practice. It was a nice way to set an intention for the weekend.



Luckily my next class was a Speakeasy workshop inside the cabin by the lake. The morning was a bit chilly and I was underdressed so the indoor venue was a welcomed change. The instructor’s name was Alex Mazerolle (Link) founder of Girlvana and the workshop was called Confessions of a Yogi in Business. Alex has this way about her; she is really down to earth and so approachable. It felt like we were sitting in her living room chatting. She also struggled with an eating disorder in her early 20’s as did I (Link). She talked about getting through it and finding peace in yoga. The thing I truly loved about what she talked about was that she only finally found peace when she was able to become herself and be truly authentic. It was such a strong message I felt she was directing right to me and it was something I really needed to hear. Her workshop was definitely the highlight of the festival for me. Here’s a link to learn more about the amazing work she does with Girlvana (Link).



After my workshop I was off to my next class, Lose your Aversions to Inversions with Eion Finn (Link). He is this soft-spoken surfer yogi from California. He is the founder of Blissology and seems very knowledgeable at what he is talking about. I was really excited to see this class on the schedule because inversions are something I struggle with and really want to get better at. It was a 90 minute class but the first part was spent learning the proper techniques for inversions. It was perfect, exactly what I wanted. I was able to work on my handstand in class and feel like I am closer than ever before to actually being able to get into and hold a handstand, which is a huge goal for me.


After the class I finally had a nice long break to eat and relax. I visited the Zen Den put on by Lululemon and got my hair braided and chatted with friends. They had live music playing, henna, tarot card readings and crafting. It was a nice little spot in the woods.


Up next was another class with Eion Finn called Melt my Shoulders, Bliss my Hips. What every runner needs! Bliss for their hips. I totally needed this class and enjoyed relaxing into all the poses. It was another 90 minute class full of different poses that kept us moving the whole time. The last song to play at the end of class was Wonderwall a classic from the 90’s. We all sat there and sang together, it was breathtaking.

By this time is was 6:00 pm, I chatted with some friends and got some henna on my hand. I then had plans to run with my friend Carol. I’m in the middle of a training cycle and needed to get a long run in this weekend. We ran 8 miles along the trails of Fort Whyte Alive in the sunset. It was breathtaking and beautiful. We even saw some deer running through the field. After we finished our run we went to the main stage, grabbed a glass of wine and listened to the live band playing. It was a pretty magical day indeed.



It was the best way to end the most perfect day, I left feeling tired yet alive.

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