WFPS Half Marathon Training Schedule/Ninjago party recap

As promised in Friday’s post (here) I have a few highlights from my two son’s birthday party this past weekend. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect for an outdoor party! With the temperatures going into the mid 30’s, we decided to set up two kiddie pools and the slip n’ slide to keep the kids cool. We had a total of 12 kids running around pretending to be ninjas and it was totally awesome. Here are a few pictures of the Ninjago party.

The cake

table set up
The Serpentine aka Lego snake
I used the boys Lego mini figures to hold the candles. Hudson also managed to get his finger in the cake before the party ( face palm)
Goodie bags were take out boxes with chopsticks. Inside I put a fortune cookie, removable tattoos, fruit snacks and a little parachute guy.
Pinata of KIA the Lego ninja

I thought it would be fun to do a little spin on the way we smashed opened the piñata. I changed into a black ninja outfit and gathered the kids to practice becoming a ninja. We went through 3 easy steps to becoming a ninja:

Dress like a ninja

Learn ninja moves

You are now a ninja



I showed them a few moves such as chopping and kicking then let them use the moves to break open the piñata. I think it was the best part of the party.

My boys blowing out the candles.

Before the craziness of the weekend started I was able to run 9.5 miles on Saturday morning…pain free! So now that my knee is feeling better, I’m going straight into half marathon training. I had planned to try to get a personal best time of 1:55 but with my knee injury last month my pace suffered and I’m not sure that’s in the cards anymore. I’ve decided to run for fun and enjoy the amazing event that is the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic half marathon (link). I ran the 10 km two years ago, two months after giving birth to my 3rd son, and last year I ran the half marathon distance so I’m thrilled to be running it again this year. With it being near the end of October it makes the perfect race to train for since the weather is beginning to cool off and you don’t need to spend the whole summer training. I’ve just planned out my training schedule for this race and thought I would share it with all my readers.



As you can see I have gradual build in my distance with a peak week of mileage at week 4. I have a recovery run every Monday which I plan to take a 1 minute per mile slower than my “race pace”. This is something I haven’t typically done in the past and I’m looking forward to including it in this training cycle.  I will give updates as I go along to keep myself accountable.


Happy training folks!

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