Birthday Cookies and Bucket Lists

For this foodie Friday I thought I’d do something a little different. I want to share one of my favorite treat recipes instead. It was my birthday this past Tuesday and one of my best friends surprised me at the track and dropped off some goodies which included some monster cookies. They might be the key to my heart. I thought you would all love to see what all the hype is about and try them for yourself. They are by no means healthy but they are the most amazing treat ever and I believe everything can be enjoyed, in moderation of course. The monster cookie recipe can be found here. I usually half the recipe and use melted coconut oil instead of butter. If you do end up making them you can always drop a few off at my place, I wouldn’t mind at all.


I know on Fridays I usually just post a recipe but today I want to share a little something I have been working on. As I get older I realize it’s not the things I have in life that matter but the memories I make along the way. It’s who I spend my time with and the experiences we have. I want to embrace life.  I want to laugh everyday and not stress the little things. As I celebrate my 32nd birthday, I thought it would be a great idea to come up with a birthday bucket list for the coming year. It’s a list of 32 things I hope to accomplish and experiences I’d like to have while I’m 32 years old.

Birthday bucket list:

1. Participate in a race with Chad
2. Travel somewhere
3. See more live music and concerts

4. Run in the sunrise
5. Connect with a old friend
6. Try a new restaurant
7. Learn a new skill
8. Watch the sunset
9. Sleep 10 hours straight
10. Get a massage
11. Volunteer
12. Make a new friend

13. Practice yoga everyday (at least 5 minutes)
14. Have a girl’s weekend
15. Listen more, talk less
16. Start a journal
17. Read a book
18. Be more adventurous ( with more activities like wake boarding, SUP, snowboarding, skateboarding)
19. Smile from the inside

20. Do a random act of kindness weekly
21. Compliment myself
22. Eat a balanced diet
23. Eat chocolate
24. Give blood
25. Get another tattoo
26. Start a new venture
27. Host a dinner party
28. Teach a class as a personal trainer

29. Compliment others
30. Take a course (learn more)
31. Break my scale/stop weighing myself
32. Be more present (live in the moment)


On that note I have decided to go unplugged next week for my family vacation. I won’t be posting on the blog or updated my social media accounts but instead enjoying my little minis and sexy husband. Cheers to holidays!

What do you think is missing from the list? What would you add?

3 thoughts on “Birthday Cookies and Bucket Lists

  1. Never half the recipe! Always freeze some and deliver!
    Great list! Donate blood before getting a tattoo. Read many books, not just one. I have lots of book recommendations!
    Have a wonderful week away!

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