Top 5 tips for a better race

Getting ready for race day can be nerve racking! You have put in so much hard work plus hours of training and it comes down to one day.  You start to worry if your ready and if you did everything right to prepare for the race. With the Manitoba marathon less then a week away I started to think about what to do to help prepare for the the big day.

first half marathon (2012)
Manitoba  half marathon (2012)

I recently got a message from a friend reminiscing about how far we have come the past 5 years. 5 years ago we were training for the Manitoba marathon relay together.  It was our first big race and I remember being so nervous yet excited to see what the atmosphere would be like. What was all the hype about?! I ran the last leg of the relay and got to cross the finish line with some of the runners that had run the half. I remember running into the stadium that day with all the spectators cheering and being in awe of that moment. I knew then that I wanted to set my next goal to run the half the following year. 5 years later I’m running my 5th half marathon. And my friend, who I ran the relay with is achieving the ultimate goal and running the full. Good luck Chelsea!

Go Chelsea Go!

With the race only days away I have been thinking of different things I have done over the years to help me prepare. I came up with my top 5 tips for a better race.

Top 5 tips for a better race

Drink plenty of water all week: I fill a jug with water and place in on my counter at the start of the day and I make sure to finish before the end of each day.

Pull back on mileage: Like most runners I find this one the hardest. We are so use to keeping up with a training plan that reducing the mileage can be difficult but its important to give your body rest so you can run your best race.

Rest and pamper yourself: I will being doing lots of foam rolling and stretching this week. I plan to attend 2 yoga classes to make sure i’m not to stiff come race day. Also getting to bed on time all week is very important. I aim for 7-8 hours of sleep a night.

Nutrition: I have meal prepped for the week to insure I will be eating a well balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables.

Stick with the plan: I think this one is the most important. I make sure to change nothing from my training runs. Even down to eating the same dinner the night before, the same breakfast before the race, wearing the same shoes I trained in and to bring the same fuel along with me on the course. This helps prevent the unexpected from happening like your stomach reacting to new food, or getting blisters from new shoes.

The final week before your race is the perfect opportunity to focus on your sleep, nutrition and slowing down on your training. By taking a few extra steps to support your training and recovery this week you’ll be ready for a great race!

Tell me, what is the best advice you would give to someone preparing for their race?

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