Run to the Beat

My 6 year old son, Chase, is as wild as they come. Since he was born he hasn’t stopped moving. He loves to climb, jump and run everywhere he goes. I mean this kid has an abundance of energy, which I guess he probably inherited from his mama. My parents tell me I was the same way, so I guess I’m lucky in the sense that I can keep up with all of the energy.

To help with all that bottled up energy, I try and keep him very active. He plays hockey in the winter and soccer in the summer, as well as swimming lessons throughout the year but honestly that doesn’t always put much of a dent in his energy level. Sometimes he will bike alongside me when I run or he has recently started running on our treadmill. He runs on it 1-3 times a week for about 10 minutes. I never ask him or push him, he just grabs his runners and hops on.

color run

A couple of years ago we ran the color run with the boys. I think he was still a bit young and needed a piggy back ride to finish. This year I wanted to register him for a few races, test the waters and see if he likes it. I mentioned the idea to him and he loved it. For the first race I decided on a fun run put on by Ivivva called Run to the Beat. It was free family event that we could all enjoy together.

happy chase run 2 beat jumping chase

Yesterday was race day and when Chase woke up he was very excited. He got ready quickly and started watching the clock and asking when it was time to leave. After we arrived and signed in he was running around the field- “warming up” he called it. The course was two 1.2 mile laps so we decided to just one. He ran for most of the race trying to keep up with another little girl around the same age. It was pretty cute. After he finished, I asked him what his favorite part was and he said ‘”crossing the finish line”. I couldn’t have asked for a better morning bonding with my son.

Have your kids ever run in a race?

At what age do you think is the appropriate?

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