Workout 500 and post workout snack

The weather here has been amazing so of course it’s the best time to get outside and enjoy it. I have been organizing a track workout with a local women’s running group for the past couple of weeks and I thought I’d share this week’s workout.


I meet up with other moms and we all bring our kids. The track is the perfect location because the kids can ride their bikes alongside us or play in the middle, so they are never out of sight.


A typical track is 400 meters (.25 miles)

500 track workout-

Warm up with 1 mile easy jog (4 laps)

Sprint 400 meters (1 lap)

Jumping jacks


Mountain climbers


Sit ups

Split lunge

Heel tap

Jump squat

Plank jumps


Do 10 reps of each

Repeat 5 times with a total of 500 reps and 5 laps

Cool down with 1 mile easy jog (4 laps)


Mini egg quiche-

food prep

10 eggs

1 red bell pepper

2 handfuls of spinach

1 tomato


whisk eggs together

chop veggies

add everything together

pour into 12 muffin holders

bake for 30 min at 350c

I like to have them after a workout for a high protein snack.


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