Truth About The First Mile

Have you ever gone out for a run and wanted to stop 2 minutes in? Guess what, you are not alone. That first mile sucks. Whether you are a seasoned runner or just starting out, it’s the same for most of us. I know for me it takes a good mile to warm up to the idea of running. I can hear every breath, gasping for air. My feet pounding the pavement sound so loud.

But then you find the sweet spot, the moment where the magic happens. You stop thinking about it and it just happens. You are running and you actually forget you’re running! It has to be one of the best feelings. I thought I’d share some of my tricks to getting over the first mile plague.

Running with friends- When you can get into a conversation and lose yourself in what they are saying. It’s super helpful if the running friend likes to chat and you can just listen.


Listen to music- Having great music helps the body find a perfect rhythm and beat to run to.

Take the first mile slow- I find it easier to take the first mile about 15-30 seconds slower than the rest. I gradually increase my pace throughout the run and my last mile is usually my fastest.


So when you go out for your next run, remember to give yourself time to warm up. Don’t quit before you get into the groove. It will happen, I promise.

Tell me, what are your tricks to getting over the first mile plague?

4 thoughts on “Truth About The First Mile

  1. So true! That first mile (or km for me ;)) is always the worst. I usually get through it by simply giving myself permission to hate it! “You know this first km sucks…just keep running” “get through the first km and you’ll be golden!” And good music of course.


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